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If you would like to make a reservation, or have further questions, we can be contacted anytime at:


Phone / FAX: 907-678-4566

*Cell: 907-328-9304


*Please note that cell phones do not work in Wiseman, if you do not reach our home answering machine, try the cell – we may be traveling!


Mailing Address:

Boreal Lodging

Scott & Heidi Schoppenhorst

9000 Dalton Highway

Wiseman Village

Wiseman, Alaska 99709


Important information for traveling the Dalton Highway!

-      Cell phone coverage ends when you leave Fairbanks. Only in & near Coldfoot is GCI only cell coverage, and in Deadhorse is there any cell coverage on the Dalton.

-      Do not follow your GPS / Google road mapping software – it does not work in this location properly and information displayed is inaccurate. Just follow road signs to reach Wiseman.


Reservation Deposit Policy:


Short term or small reservations (3 days or less, 2 rooms or less): We require a 50% advance deposit to confirm reservation. Deposits are refundable with at least two (2) weeks advance notice of cancellation, less processing fees if paid electronically.  Winter (October through April) reservation deposits are non-refundable.


Long term or large bookings (4 days or more, entire lodging facility, or long term cabin rental): We require 75% non-refundable deposit.




We accept Zelle, cash, traveler’s checks, money orders, pre-approved personal checks, Master Card, Visa, Discover, & PayPal. We require 5% processing on all electronic deposits and payments.

We are not set up for online booking, please contact us by phone or email to check availability or make a reservation.


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Seasons of Operation:

Lodge & Cabin are open seasonally May through September, and can remain open later in the year, or earlier in the season as needed.

Our normal winter operating policy is that we can open the cabins with advance notice throughout most of the winter with a 4 night minimum stay*, and will open the Lodge for large groups/extended stays during many winter months (2 weeks or longer). Please contact us with your need, or further questions.
Please note that we do not open facilities during December, January & February.

*~We can accommodate shorter stay when facilities are already open~*



Please see rates listed for Boreal Lodge -  Boreal Cabin -  Polar Cabin


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About Us:

Boreal Lodging is owned, built, and operated by Scott & Heidi Schoppenhorst, and have been year round residents of Wiseman Village since 1989 (Heidi grew up in Wiseman). We also hold jobs with Gates of the Arctic NP&P, Scott maintaining the nearby Ranger Station, and Heidi working part time summers as an Interpretive Ranger at the Arctic Interagency Visitor Center in Coldfoot.

The Brooks Range offers a peaceful lifestyle, surrounded by awesome scenery, and opportunities only to be experienced in a true wilderness such as this.  Subsistence is the way of life here in Wiseman - hunting, fishing, berry picking, trapping, & woodcutting are essential for all residents – and also the life we enjoy.


The Dalton Highway opened to the public in 1995, allowing visitors easier access to the arctic and the opportunity to enjoy all of the surrounding public lands & wilderness this area is made up of. Lodging & other services are very limited along the Dalton however which seemed to be a problem for travelers looking to stay off the road, in something more comfortable than a tent!

Scott recognized the need & decided to build the Boreal Lodge in 1998 in the wooded area of our property, near the creek so folks could “get away from the highway” and enjoy some peace & quiet with nice scenery.  He built the Boreal Cabin in 2001, and finished the Polar Cabin in 2014.
 We have also tried to incorporate the conveniences that will make for a comfortable & enjoyable stay. We operate our own power plant, running much on alternative energy during the summer (which is how we keep our rates lower), and are able to provide power, running water, TV/DVD, phone, limited WiFi and cooking facilities.
We also opened a small gift shop in 2009 offering a few gifts, limited groceries & a few local handcrafts available.
Since opening for business in 1999, we have enjoyed hosting visitors from around the world each year and hope to meet you too!



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