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Ø For up to date & official Weather Forecast for the entire state - just click on the section of the map you want from their home page.

Ø WIseman Alaska current weather


Ø Download a copy of the Dalton Visitor Guide; great information on preparation, activities, and what to expect for anyone traveling the Dalton Highway.


Ø BLM Alaska public lands and the  Arctic Interagency Visitor Center in Coldfoot


Ø  The Milepost is a must have if you are driving to Alaska or within the state – maps & detailed info for all the highways!


Ø Check out the latest Aurora Forecast - Wiseman is located just to the NE of Bettles listed on the aurora oval map shown on this site.

Ø For more detailed Aurora information visit Space Weather.


Ø Visit Gates of the Arctic NP&P site to learn more about the 2nd largest National Park in our system, how to access & what to bring.


Ø USGS web site to access digital Maps of Alaska.


Ø Just to the NE of Wiseman is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Largest refuge in our system.




 For Dalton vehicle rental, Fairbanks based (trucks, RV’s) - Go North RV & Car Rental


 More car rental services for Dalton travel: Alaska 4x4 Rentals in Anchorage, or  Arctic Outfitters or Alaska Auto Rental based in Fairbanks


 Want to see the Dalton, but don’t want to drive? – consider a guided tour, stay at the Boreal Lodge, and visit the Arctic Ocean with

1st Alaska Tours, based in the Fairbanks area


*    For all inclusive guided photography tours of the Dalton featuring aurora & wildlife viewing (including polar bears!) visit WildAlaskaTravel!


 Dalton Highway Express – Van shuttle service for points along the Dalton.


 Air Services flying into Coldfoot, 13 miles south of Wiseman: Wright Air Service  or Warbelow’s Air (direct flight to Coldfoot), or Air Arctic (flight tour company with stops in Coldfoot)

* Note: there are no vehicle rental services in Coldfoot, if you are flying, please consider arrangement for pick up at airport.


 Trying to get to the Arctic Ocean? Deadhorse Camp is now the place to call for Arctic Ocean Shuttle tours; 877.474.3565


 Backcountry destinations? Flight service for drop off / pick up in remote “bush” locations throughout the Brooks Range: Coyote Air (based in Coldfoot),

   Brooks Range Aviation (based in Bettles).

*    Backcountry equipment rental – consider renting an Alaska Pack-raft to make the trip easier!

*    Other outdoor equipment rental such as skis, snowshoes, tents & more at Beaver Sports in Fairbanks


*    Planning on traveling south toward Denali National Park while in Alaska too?

*    Great place to stay in the Denali area w/ reasonable rates! Bluesberry Inn


More Resources – Gift ideas:


 Hunting and fishing information; regulations, licenses, etc. - if you are undecided as to purchasing a license in advance of your travel up the Dalton, Heidi is also a license vendor @ the Boreal Lodge.


 Commercially guided Brooks Range hunts (by Alaskan guides): Tim's Alaska Guide Service


 Alaskan Wildlife and Fish descriptions and complete information by species - very cool – look under ‘species’.


 Teacher Resources  from ADF&G.


*    Map of Alaska (shows roads)    


*    Laurent Dick ,  Steve Kazlowski , and Azuma Hotta offer amazing images of Brooks Range, Aurora, North Slope arctic wildlife & landscapes (and more!)

*                Alaska Geographic is an excellent source to purchase Alaskan books & books about Alaska


*                Great resource of information for RV travel & how to plan for a successful trip ~ thanks for the suggestion William!


*       Josh Schoppenhorst custom forged knives to order, contact


*                Earth Link Jewelry & Judy Gumm Jewelry are two of my favorite unique handcrafted jewelers in Alaska


   Site visitor suggestion - Although snowmobile use is restricted in the Dalton Corridor, in case you own one, this is useful info! (thanks Lucas)


 Suggestions? for more links or information you think we should add?? Please E-mail me!






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